Of Logic and Body

Sleeping deeply
I fall into a space
somewhere up in the stars
loss of contact
disconnect complete

adrift in time and space
I remove the skin to find secret places
a cut of the body to see if it still bleeds
to see if I can feel
blood pours and the message failed to send
all that there is: a pile of bones and some flesh

I cut out the heart and it is only a pump
I dissect the brain
soft tissue and chemicals
you ask where these thoughts come from
oh the lies the imagination can make up
I get so carried away

Truth-be-told I am a terrible human machine
defunct and void with faulty wiring
But remember when I played the part well
Maybe you do not understand
I am a cosmic minstrel show
Tonight! Bleeding for your entertainment

I come back and the sun is gone
Winter is coming
It is dark
and it is time to go home: burned out and exhausted
time has stopped
zero degrees Kelvin

there is a confusion of context
these actors are doing a terrible job
this brain no longer talks with finger tips
and these thoughts have alienated this body
You ask if I am real, and maybe I’m not

Let us never wake again
Let us sleep forever
here in our beds
where logic does not live
and time moves at a reasonable rate
A place where we can make sense of it all


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