NYE 2013

2013 was truly a very formative and educational year full of many experiences. Here are a few things I learned that I would like to offer:

1) The things you can learn from listening to yourself are the things that are most important for building the foundation of a happy and satisfying life.

2) Life doesn’t always make sense. Love and logic do not occupy the same spaces within us, and that can lead to confusion. That is ok. They are both equal parts of our being and both are essential for living a very normal human life.

3) Focus on building and holding on to those characteristics which you have decided will define you as a person. I have built a lot of confidence in moving forward each day with faith in myself, my principles, and my abilities.

4) Do things in life because they will be fulfilling to you, because you want to do them. Never do things with expectations of others.

5) I lost a few things this year: cars, girls, money, phones, etc. All of this taught me that I need to let go of my need for material items. Everything has a shelf life….EVERYTHING.

6) Let go, and enjoy the ride! Change is not only possible, it is certain; accept that. There is nothing to fear. You will even find that there is beauty in it.

7) Wisdom comes from experience. Go out and see/do things for yourself firsthand. That’s where life waits: in those special moments consisting of the right places, the right people, at the right time.

8) It’s never too late to be the person you want to be. Everyday offers a chance for reinvention. Never let your past or present dictate your future.

Wishing you all a very educational, experiential, and fulfilling 2014!


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