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Musings of a Hangover

Last night I had some stimulating conversations about love and other things. I spoke with a man who was going through his second divorce. The contexts of those conversations must have resonated with me and the words of last night penetrated my dreams. I woke this morning in the foggy haze of a hangover, and as I lay there aching and sweating, I contemplated the man’s words. He spoke of how he doesn’t believe that we are capable of being satisfied by only one person. He admitted that his infidelities were problematic for his marriages, but that he could not lie to himself and fake his satisfaction with marriage. He also stated that he still loved his exes. 

I woke this morning with a few things in my head. They were floating around in the haze of my hangover. I had the realization that love is often considered a failure because we all have an idea of what we think love should be. We put expectations on love instead of accepting it for whichever form it takes. We also consider love a failure because a relationship ends, or feelings change. I don’t believe this either. Sometimes the best love doesn’t last. But, It will always have its own special moment in time and space. 

This quote has begun to make so much sense in time: “We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love.” ― Tom Robbins

So, today I woke up with an appreciation for all my past lovers, the times we shared, and the gift of love that they gave me, even if it was for just a little while. Thinking of them makes me happy: I think of the love I am capable of having, and the love I may find in the future.

It is Spring, indeed, and the doors are open. I am young, I am happy, and I am healthy. I am free. Peace.



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